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Nikita Chinamanthur

Cinema in the subcontinent started off with a bang and a dash of royalty with Dadasaheb Phalke’s silent film, Raja Harishchandra, in 1913. Two decades later, the first “talkie,” or sound film, was released: Alam Ara (1931). Since then, movies from the subcontinent’s vast and varied film industries have married the visual with the audio in exciting and creative ways. Imitating Hollywood musicals, Hindi films took it to the next level with dream sequences, intricate classical music compositions — -singers had to record live and in one take! — -and horrible 1980s choreography aside, beautiful dancing. South Asian films integrated…


Why do young desis never have the opportunity to date, romance, or find pleasure in sex without relying on it as a necessity for procreation?

Is it a cultural phenomenon? Religious? Is non-sexuality so engrained in our heritage that we aren’t able to escape its clutches three thousand years later?

Is it colonial? Courtesy of Portuguese missions or the English church and the KJB (The King James Bible)? Did the British Raj impact our way of life so much as to limit and police the bodies of teenagers and young adults?

Now, look, I’m not writing a dissertation or a…

Nikita Chinamanthur

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